These Kids are Heros. They became aware early on of what humans are and saved themselves from a life aamong humans without ever becoming just like the rest. I think if there is a god, these are the only people that will be in heaven with the exception of people like myself who are very different from normal people and far too aware and concienscious to allow scum like shysters and lying cops get away with their crap. These kids killed tthemselves, but as an Adult I should kill the guilty.

There is no after life for liars. Lying is the root of all evil and liars are the lowest form of scum on earth. Lower than sadistic serial killers even.
Make no mistake about it, if you have lied about me and hurt me I will hunt you down and kill you one day. ICH TUT DIR WEH, ES TUT MIR NICH LEID, ES TUT DIR GUT, HIER WIE ES SCHREI!
All liars will burn in hell, God cannot forgive them, their nature prevents it. When they burn in hell all of creation will sigh in relief. It is lies that tore the creation apart to begin with, that is why satan is called "the father of lies." Almost every human alive today will burn in hell. The Bible sais "all the world wonders after the beast." I am glad, because Humans are evil scum.


Kill All Humans. A disease.
Kill All Humans. A disease. Search Engine Submission - AddMe See This Utube Story, for an example of How the Pacheco DA office operates. These people are children of the Devil. God sais the Devil is the father of lies and no liar will be saved. For those there that have lied, they will burn like chaff in the flames and this ugly life is all they will ever know. Good riddence to scum like them.
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Fedral Prosecutors lie, falsify evidence and withhold exculpatory evidence