Free Website Counter WHITE MANS LAWS ILLUSTRATE WHITE MANS FLAWS. By registered a sex offender. Please call the district attorney at 951 922 7130 if you don’t approve, do your worst! PRISON IS AN ASS PIRATES PARIDISE! SEE CHILD PORN AT (secure transmission with mosaic frag-file, no way for images to be reassembled by cops!) Pen. Code, § 647, subd. (a), declares that a person is guilty of disorderly conduct who solicits anyone to engage in or who engages in lewd or dissolute conduct in any public place, this statute prohibits the solicitation or commission of conduct in a public place or one open to the public or exposed to public view, which involves the touching of the genitals, buttocks, or female breasts, for purposes of sexual arousal, gratification, annoyance or offense, by a person who knows or should know of the presence of persons who may be offended by the conduct. There is no proof beyond a reasonable doubt standard for a conviction of the element that involves sexual gratification or arousal and in effect the only burden of proof is that some prick states that he witnessed the “lewd” gesture which of course implies that he was truly offended or annoyed. It’s such a crock and deprives citizens of their god given right to take innocent pictures of themselves in public showing no more than the typical portion of buttock seen upon a beach but with a sexually implicit positioning of the hand. Is it any wonder then that I must finally declare that white men are such a bunch of pasty prudes with small genitalia that this fact alone could explain the limitations that their small minds posses when it comes to true romance, eroticism and sex? Why on earth then would any women want a white man in her life? Hairy, weak faced, small boned, endomorphic muscled, treble voiced white man! Pathetic! Look at the African negro in contrast, at the time of the slave trade he was regarded as aboriginal, and not mixed at all with other races, free from all taint of intermarriages they appearing as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. It is said that Hercules was of this race of men, the first to hunt with the aid of animals and the first to build walled cities, the founder of Babylon, and in keeping with this first of all superheroes the negro of today in all arenas of achievement remain the preeminent leaders among men. Do they not lead the white man around in all things extracurricular? Music, spoken word, dance, and all modes of athletics? Is it any wonder then that even today, from the ghetto or the so called “hood” in virtually every household the children, poor and marginalized by middle class society often poorly nourished and filthy, grow up with those stout frames and limbs which we so much admire? Pathetic white men then in fear for their status have designed laws against offending the sexual sensibilities of white men because the sexual prowess of the negro having been witnessed for centuries must by necessity be prevented from exposure to the white female population thus allowing the white male to compete with the negro in areas in which he has had ample advantage, education and access to resources. With these at his disposal the white man has been able to pretend intellectual superiority, and place himself as an average equal to the Black male with the latter’s enormous superiority suppressed artificially, just as our clothing suppresses his superior sexuality. Therefore, the white mans laws, reflect his flaws. FACT: WHITE MEN CARRY SPERM FOR WHITE WOMEN. OBJECTIVE: COMMIT GENOCIDE OF WHITE WOMEN. METHOD: PREVENT THE BIRTH OF WHITE BABIES. OPERATION: CRITICISE WHITE PEOPLE UNTILL THEY CANNOT EVEN STANTD THEM SELVES AND NON_WHITES CAN”T STAND THEM EITHER. ACCENTUATE THE RACIAL DIFFERENCES AND IN PARTICULAR THE INFERIORITIES OF THE WHITE RACE. MAKE NON WHITES MORE RACIALLY CONCIOUS OF RACIAL DIFFERENCES AND THE VULGARITIES OF CAUCASOIDS AS A RACE. ACCENTUATE THE RELATIVE SUPERIORITY OF NON WHITE RACES. EXAMPLE. WHITE WOMEN HAVE HORSE TEETH LIKE MR ED AND NO ASS. WHITE WOMEN ARE MASCULINE THEIR FOREHEADS ARE NOT SMOOTH AND ROUND LIKE HISPANIC AND BLACK WOMEN. HISPANIC WOMEN HAVE BEAUTIFUL TEETH AND MUCH MORE FEMENINE FACIAL FEATURES. HISPANIC WOMEN ARE MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL AND FECUND. WHITE WOMEN STINK. WHITE MEN IMMITATE NEGROES, NEGROES ARE FAR SUPERIOR TO WHITE MEN AND INVENT NEW LANGUAGE STYLES MUSIC STYLES AND DANCE. NEGROE MEN ARE SUPERIOR TO WHITE MEN. JIMI HENDRIX WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN WHO EVER LIVED. WHITE MEN HAVE UGLY VOCALS. THEIR VOICES ARE CRACLY AND LACK THE GRAVER MODES OF THE NEGROE AND AMERINDIAN MALE. HISPANIC WOMEN ARE 85% OF THE TIME SEXY. WHITE WOMEN ONLY 45%. MESSAGE: RACE IS DEEPER THAN SKIN. DON’T LET JEWISH LIES DESTROY RACIAL BEAUTY AND PURITY. WHITE WOMEN, MATE WITH A NEGROE THEY HAVE BETTER SPERM, YOUR CHILD WILL BE TALLER AND HAVE MORE TALLENT AND INTELLIGENCE. I am THE SEX OFFENDER in the third definition according to Merriam-Webster : 3 : “to cause to feel vexation or resentment usually by violation of what is proper or fitting.” But of course this is all relative; relative to a society whose number one on-line occupation is pornography I might add. No more cause of action need be presented to a district attorney in California in order for the final result be that the accused offender, such as myself, be forced by threat of incarceration to register for life, every thirty days if homeless, with the jack ass a.k.a (chief of police) as a “sex-offender.” Therefore, in the state of California simply offending some prick or bitches sexual sensibilities is all that is required to for a person otherwise law abiding, tax paying, never accused of sexually assaulting or sexually harassing another individual or even doing anything so much as exposing his/her naked body parts and making eye contact with a second person, or in fact never coming within a hundred yards of a second person (all as is the case with myself), to be forced to place himself monthly upon a list among rapist, child molesters and potentially child rapists for life under the threat of incarceration and felony conviction. We in California, or should I say You the people of California since I am now merely “the defendant” have laws against victimless behavior that can possibly do no more than offend some while simultaneously entertaining others. In fact the more good natured citizens who had seen me moments prior and moments after the jackasses that called the police were honking their horns, they whistled and yelled things that where for lack of a better description, encouraging in nature, much like a healthy red blooded heterosexual male might yell at a female for showing her breasts at Mardi-Gras. So, piss off to all who fail to comprehend my point, if you like the idea of someone in a dress who merely touches their buttock suggestively in public briefly for a camera pose to be rendered a sex offender for life, then suck my mother fucken ass! Well, I suggest if you are OFFENDED by the fact that the law works this way, then please dress in drag, and go out in public and do something with your ass, (be creative) and send me a picture At and I will collect them and post them on the inter-net in context. Then maybe one day I may be able to cease posting leaflets like this. Thank you, only 18 or over.