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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Posted by cmybuttjudge at 4:37 PM EST
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Thursday, 3 December 2009
Another sherriff/cop with an attitute

On thanks giving, I was getting dressed in the CVS parking lot and some idiot called the police because I had my suit case on the ground. The lot was empty and it was early, I was not blocking any cars. then this silly cop woman shows up and sais "we got a call that you had all your stuff here in the lot."  I said I am done and am about to leave.  Then she goes for the ID.  I hate that, I know she has no prabable cause since I was not doing anything crimminal and so I said I have it but I dont want to give it to you, I am leaving.  Then she gets all huffy like these types do, and said "are you refusing to give me your ID?   I said yes, I am leaving. I went to put my key board in the car and she up and crabs it and throws it on the ground like some maniacle retard brat!  God! what a bunch of shit heads this sort is.   If you find a good cop, tip him he deserves it! There are so many psycopaths in this line of work.   The bitch then puts cuffs on me and makes me sit while she runs my name. SOme other cops show up and I told them I dont have to give her my ID, then the bitch starts saying "we got a call that there was a suspicious person in the parking lot"  I said, "oh now we have gone from having all my stuff, to "suspicious".  The cop that came said "tom, we go through this every time, why dont you just give your ID so we can do our job"  I said Tell, me do I have to give my ID and he said "
no. I said then why should I give it to you as a favor? I mean the only thing you want to do is see if you can take me to jail on a warrant anyway, why would I want to do you any favors?

 Then, he said, well, if you would be more polite about it"  I said all I said to her was "what is your probable cause"  If you dont have probable cause I have no duty to even talk to you, you informed me that they wanted me to leave and I am leaving"   She then said,  well we had a tresspassing call, and so now it became a tresspassing just because I was in the parking lot, I mean, all the bar goers park in that lot, all the market night goers all the time that lot is used for anything but going to the mall, that mall is dead but the lots is full all night practically untill the bars close.

So, of course here it is, just another bastard cop treating me with disrespect and throwing my hard earned key board on the ground like a piece of shit. Fuck her, if she reads this, she should know, just because I am in a skirt doesnt mean I can knock any women to the ground if she want to take it to that level as well as 75% of the men in this world. I am no weakling.  Hide behind a badge these fucking creeps.


Now, today another stupid sherrif from yucaipa stops as I am resting about to continue my walk to the computer lab, and actually puts on his blue and red flashers like he is pulling over a person who is just standing there off with his bike resting!


I was wearing my cut santa langerie and so he like a bone head sais "are you out here soliciting"   I said, no, I walking to school, so Ill see you later. And I started walking away, then this pud said "ok then get along!"  

I turned and said "
 I will!"


But I wanted to say, "go fuck yourself and dont tell me what to do asshole!"


Then this psyco neurotic fuck came back 20 minutes later when I was half way up the hill and pulled beside me blocking traffic in that lane and sais "are you on parole or probation"  I just looked at him and waived him away and said dont talk to me"  Then he followed a bit and then came up again and said, "ok, but I just want you to know if you are coming to yucaipa, dont make any trouble or I guarantee I will be seeing you again!"

 I stopped and said "look, I have no problem with you, I may look wierd out here dressed like this but I just want to exercise my rights and I cling to my rights so have a nice day!"  Then he said, "ok but dont start any trouble!"


I just said ok, no trouble!" 

what on earth goes through these peckerwoods heads?  Wyap fucking earp has to harrass a guy in a skirt who could kick his ass with one hand tied behind hi back and yet, he just could not go on with his day and leave me alone.  


You see, cops are retards.

Posted by cmybuttjudge at 8:47 PM EST
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Thursday, 12 November 2009
Broke and homless because of that stupid nut liar.
 I lost my job, lost my rental and spent 1500 getting my car out of impound.   I am now homeless and broke. I got food stamps, 186 a month I think, and I went to collect cans yersterday and today, what a fucking hassle it has become everybody is telling you now not to collect on their property, two of the biggerst recyclers have gone out of buisiness and I only got 1.65
a lb for aluminum when it used to be 2.00.   I drove all over ontario, finallyl I just jumped a fence along the 10 freeway and snuck in the back of a truck stop they kicked me out of yersterday and collected a bag full in about 15 minutes.  8 dollars.  I was dressed in drag, a really cute outfit and some lady gave me 5 dollars. 
Yersterday I got 14 dollars before the guard kicked me out.   I actually took some rubbers just in case some horny driver wanted his dick sucked.   You can make about 20 dollars doing that.
I am getting too old for that now, though, I get alot of guys calling me over but once I get close they change their mind and act as if they thought I was a girl, but that is not true, you can tell I am a guy from a distance from my body, but when they see I am not like 20 years old, they change their minds.
This is the crime committed by our pathetic legal system that needs fixing. It needs fixing by first killing off all the bad cops.

Posted by cmybuttjudge at 10:33 PM EST
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Tuesday, 10 November 2009
Homeless Studies

Today I talked with some cute kids from Redlands University. I felt like I was sullying their minds with every word I spoke. Not because what I say is bad but because it is the truth and that is ugly. The worlds is ugly and they don't need to hear my problems but what the hell, I did not ask to talk to them.  I told them all about my problems with the corrupt legal system in this scummy country. I had no focus when I talked the them even though their objective was to speak to homeless people and find out their reasons for their condiction as homeless.    I told them their are in fact multiple reasons at play.   Officer perez I think his name is chaperoned them.  I liked the black, or mixed race girl she was so cute.  I think I want to have children with a black girl. 

I never thought a relationship with a black girl would last due to deep seated differences in our cultures that only exhibit on more than the superficial level of day to day interaction, but, white women are so selfish and vampiric in their sense of intitlement from men. In reality they deserve nothing unless they have kids with you, then they deserve, but not a dime for anything utill then.  If I could swing it I would go dutch on everything during dating but then I amost never date so I dont mind paying. I just like to go out and not be alone. I couldnt care less about relationships anymore, I just want to be entertained by another persons presence, I hate to be alone.

At any rate Scum bag cholo cop stoled my thumb drives and an SD card, so now I have lost alot of hard work. God I hate that piece of shit.  Please if their is a god let him get shot throught the face.  I also saw on the towing report that he wrote "arrested for violation of a restraining order" those stupid fucks, you cannot get a restraining order to prevent a person from doing legitimate things like going to work and going to college classes that you paid for.  They will have to pay for that tow and storage, I was not in violation and I never paid any attention to lynn eitgher. Those scumbags will pay.

I will not let this pass.

Posted by cmybuttjudge at 5:25 PM EST
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Monday, 9 November 2009
Galvez is yet again a crimminal ass.

I discovered over the week end that Galvez a.ka cholo cop stoled my thumbdrives when he searched my truck.  Retarded third world skum fuck! I mean what the fuck else could he be looking for?   Retarded cholo thinks he will find some illicit porn or something no doubt.  But he didnt have the balls to put them into my property and get a warrant so the retard is left with hoping he can find something and then claim that someone found one of them someplace.     He took my bag, a 4 gig cruzer, another 2 gig red one I found in the parking lot at sams club and an SD card and a USB 4 port adapter.   No one but a stupid pig would be interested in flash drives considering that I had $45 in cash and a cordless drill, an and other stuff peolpe of his ilk like to steal.

 He will pay for all his cholo third world pig shit.

Posted by cmybuttjudge at 7:55 PM EST
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Tuesday, 3 November 2009
Galvan is an idiot

I dont have a lot of time today to write, but I will recap and add a bit.

1)Galvan brags that he has read my police report from riverside so and displays some knowlege of it so he is perfectly aware that I was actually convicted of exactly what I was accused of by the 'witnesses.'  I say witnesses because that is all that they are, they are not "victims" because there is no victim in so called "offenses" of this nature. It is not even an "offense" in the traditional sense.  

Now, This occured off the I-10 free way, first at the rest area, on the shoulder, during the day, and then up east at the singleton overpass.

It is important to note here, for Galvans hypocricy, that there are no houses on the shoulder of the ten freeway and in fact from these location there are none in sight.

Here is what Galvan went around telling women on crafton campus. I know this is what he told them, because when I told him I was convicted of 'lewd conduct in public and am not a sex offender"  he said,  "Yeah but you were arrested for a felony....  I cut him off at that point and said "I was convicted at a bench trial of lewd conduct in public, it doesnt matter what I was arrested for.."

 I could see this point was no lost on him because his eyes flicked like he had just been stumped by an argument he could not refute.

 The importance of this, it just this.   The arresting officer was not too knowlegable about the law.  First in the police report it is perfectly clear that no one ever said they saw me from the front. No, one ever claimed that I was a male. The report clearly states that officers up untill the time I was pulled over were under the impression that I was a female.

So, what Galvan is trying to insinuate, is that I was arrested for "felony indecent exposure."    It is false to say that I was arrested for this, I was in fact arrested for lewd conduct in public and that is all that the police report supporsts and all that it implies.  Galvan obvious could not escape this glaring fact.

But what he chose to do, is the malicious slandering he proceeded with, in misinforming people that I was "arrested for felony indecent exposure" which is not, true, it is merely the statute entered into the computer by the cop who obviously did not know how to read.  

Indecent exposure is committed only when a person exposes lewdly his genitalia.   Without that there is no indecent exposure. His genitalia also must be naked.  That is not merely a "bulge" covered by skimpy spedos displayed "lewdly."      The supreme court made sure that this was the case because they worried that a women wearing a thong bikini for sexual gratification coult be prosecuted otherwise.   So, what protects women also protects men.

Now, Indecent exposure is a felony only in two ways.  First, when  a person enters into a home and exposes himself. What makes it a felony is that the crime, a misdemeanor was commited after someone entered into a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime, therefore it is a felony.

The other way indecent exposure is a felony is upon a second conviction.

As stupid as this is, I will not address that, I will merely point out, that a police officer cannot charge a man with "felony" indecent exposure unless it involves entering a dwelling, because the other way in which it becomes a felony is only done by prosecutors, and that is a second offense of 314.1.

So, when Galvan went around telling people I was "originallly arrested for felony indecent exposure" what he is attempting to convey is the message that I had "entered into a dwelling to expose my genitalia" but this is a different statute.

So, Galvan, was misleading people by insinuating that my conviction for lewd conduct in public was merely a result of a "plea bargain" from a felony indecent exposure, i.e. intereing into a home.

This explains why Lynn Hunter stated that she "heard her door nob turn at 3:30 am"  and that she was "frightened" by me.

She was in fact frightened of the person Galvan had mis-represented me as, not of me.

 Galvan, however is without excuse. Galvan read the police report, he therefore must have known that the "arrest" statute was an error, and that the conviction was appropriate to the fact in that report and no more.

It is precisely that reason that I went to trial and had a judge weigh the evidence because the prosecutor charged me with misdemeanor indecent exposure as well as lewd conduct under the misguided theory that indecent exposure could be commited by exposing ones "anus" which came from the assertion that I had no "panties on" a claim by a "witness" that she later contradicted on the stand by admitting that I had on what she called "leapord print thong" Which is not true since I do not use thongs, I need panties to cover my cleavage and in fact had 3 pairs on.  At the time I was arrested.  First pair keeps my "junk" as they call it up the second is a larger pair to keep the outter third pair from riding up my crack. 

Well, the prosecutor was without any argument or case law to support this theory, since the case law makes it abundantly clear that genitalia exposure must be "beyond a reasonable doubt" and no where is it permitted to argue that exposure of the anus is "genitalia" within the meaning of the statute.  It was so funny in court she said "california case law makes it clear that the "anus is within the meaning of genitalia"  I just shook myhead because not only was it abundantly clear that it was not, but she did not even profer a cite.  I knew what she was attempting to do. The Judge was partial to her anyways, and what she wanted was to mislead him so that I would have to suffer the effects of a conviction for that statute, misdemeanor indecent exposure while waiting for it to be overturned on appeal.   Prosecutors do this all the time. They are shady dirt bags.

 Well, the judge did not buy it, and stated correctly that by law he could not convict me of indecent exposure.  But he did this begrudgingly, because he too was an ass who thinks God died and left him incharge.

But back to Galvan, that moron, after reading the police report, knowing that I was not even accused of felony indecent exposure in that report, now would it have been physically possible given the location, just a few miles from here, to have been accused of that crime, he never-the-less maliciously and mendatiously proceeded to not only violate penal code 290 law by informing people on campus that I was a 290 registrant, but he lied to them and told them I was a "dangerous sex offender" who was "originally charged with felony indecent exposure"   implying of course that I entered into a home and exposed myself, then "took a plea bargain" to lewd conduct,  but having read the police report, he must have known that the arrest record was a mistake and that I was convicted of exacvtly that which I was accused of by witnesses and nothing more. Nothing dangerous at all, and not even a sexual offense at that. Lewd conduct is a "disorderly concuct" offense and is not even at that a crime in its underlying conduct but it is only against the law to do that in a public place.  In this case on a section of the ten freeway not even in view of houses.


Posted by cmybuttjudge at 8:46 PM EST
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Monday, 2 November 2009
Moday nov2.
Mood:  don't ask

I though of this over the week end. And I will lay the facts down in order that I feel directs the readers thoughts to understand just was a crimminal Pier Galvan is.  Several hundred years ago a man named Jeremy Bentham propoesed that crime and punishment for crime be measured on the same scale. Just like celsius and kelvin for tempertaure they start at different numerical values but the differences are the same, you do not have to converst one to the other to know howmany degrees change in celsius or kelvin.

 Bentham stated this very simply "All punishment is crime."  This is no less true today than it was in his time.  When humans are mistreated by the legal system that system is engaging in a crimminal act. Crimminlas are therefore justified in retaliating against society who is represented by that system.  I do not blame crimminals who have been abused by the system for the crimes they commit.  I have seen people facing a quarter of a century behind bars for mere use and personal possession of drugs. Others for nothing but minor theft charges in which a shop lifting becomes a "burglary" a "strikable offense"  just because they entered the store without any money in their pockets.

But there is another sort of crime committed by the justice system and this crime takes place when there exists no probable cause for an arrest.  Police are not very intelligent people, if they were they would not be police.  They also do not understand the law nearly as well as they pretend.   There is a "detective" in redlands by the name of william. Just 2 years ago he attempted to tell me matter of factly that he could "arrest a man for indecent exposure for urinating in public"  I told him this was not true.  The then said "so what is that just an urban legend?   I said  no, cops arrest people for doing that all the time, but urinating is public is not indecent exposure because they are urinatinga and not displaying their genitals "lewdly."

 The root of the problem with cops is that they do not know the meaning of words employed by the legislatur, offen unchanged for many decades that the supreme courts have construed.

So, now we come to the graveman of my problem and why pier Galvan like "officer" williams do not seem to understand.  They are only blue coller employees after all and you cannot expect them to read real legal documents with the acumen of a lawyer.

But that is what makes them so dangerous and ultimately why Galvan chose to exploit this shortcomming to his sick and demented desire when he in fact by his own admission had read the police report and had all the information to know that he was maliciously engaging in slanderous lies. 

When Galvan the stupid cholo arrested me, and I call him a cholo because that is exactly how he acted and continues to act.  He tries to come in low with his ugly voice which lacks any real grave modes so he has to force it and he comes off sounding like an ass.  He said to me when I complained to him that they are lying when they go around telling people that I am a "sex offender" because I have never even been chareged with a sex crime.  Lewd conduct in public does falls under the rubrik of "disorderly conduct" and not "sex crimes."

 Cholo, cop then said to me, "I've read the police report, you were on the ten freeway sodomizing yourself with a dildo...I know all about your case, I probably know more about you than you know about yourself"

 A really really dumb thing to say, straight out of some class B cop flick.

He kept using the word "mother fucker,"  I hate that word, it is so stupid and I never use it, but from what I gather "motherfucking me" is his term for speaking to him like he is the clueless ass that he really is because I was on top of every thing, I know the law, I know he is violating it, and I know he is a dirty slanderling liar who took pleasure in lying to college employees characterizing me as a "dangersous sex offender."

He also made the mistake of thinking that he could deny doing this because court records are public.  Lynn Hunter states in her complaint that she did not know my last name, and that she was "told by a friend that I was dangerouse"  that I had "committed lewd conduct and and numerous other crimes"  all of which is not something a person could find out without a full name.    I have never committed any felonies, and have never been on any kind of probation.  I have never done any "crime" that served any selfish purposes, and my lewd conduct is nothing more than an innocuous act of  self-expression, and as one police officer put it, detective Jim Lopez, a rare exception as a cop, who I spoke with for over an hour and gave him sole permission to search my property becasue I trusted him only. He suggested that what we were doing was "for artistic purposes."  I never considered taking personal pictures as art, but when I put two and two together, that it was the trial of tail lights we were seeking in our photos, that was indeed an artistic decision.

 So, now we have established that cholo cop knew the facts, that he had read the police report and that he could  not have engaged in telling people  that I was a "dangerous sex offender" without violating common rules of logic and honesty. He did so then with malice and for personal reasons.


Next I will explain, now he exploited the legally meaningless "arrest" record to accomplish his slandereuos purposes, and how, I have proven him to be a liar far ahead of him, by deliberately taking my case to trial in order that no one would ever be able to make the kinds of claims he is making, but he under the cloak of secracy, against the penal code exploited the fact that I was not there to defend myself and ultimately all that I have suffered is his fault, and he and the police department, and possibly the school will have to pay for this.




Posted by cmybuttjudge at 2:45 PM EST
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Friday, 30 October 2009
Mood:  irritated

Today, I started out wearing a pair of really short shorts and walked all the way to the mall. Lots of honks, and several guys pulled into parking lots and waited for me to pass.


Yesterday a guy circled around 3 times looking at me and then stoped on the other side of orange. I was sitting on the curb by the mall and you could see up my skirt.  He asked me if I needed a ride, but when I crossed the street He said "do you need to go somewhere?  I said well, are you into guys?  He said "no, I'm not, I thought you were a chick" and drove away.  

Thats bullshit. He just changed his mind after seeing me close up.  I am getting too old for this. I still look ok from a distance but close up I am hidious.  Time to commit suicide, or maybe I will try having that cosmetic surgury I was thinking about 5 years ago.

Facial feminization.   But then even five years ago, a guy like that would have at least asked for a blow job.  It was only 4 years ago that a big black guy got me in his truck and begged me to suck him off, and said I was "so beautiful" and he was looking right at my face.  And that was only a few weeks from when another guy got in my car and begged my to suck him off and watched me play with dildos and then another right after him, well, it looks like those days are gone. 

Either I do someting to turn back the clock or I will have to put an end to this life.

 I am afraid to do anything to screw up my ability to have kids, chances are slim but when I imagine meeting another women I instantly think "I will want to have a child"  and that scares me. If I take estrogen shots or worse have my ugly penis cut off, I will be unable to have a normal life from then on.  I have spent 5 years trying to have a normal heterosexual life with two different women and both of them left me.  I dont know if I can do it again, or if any women will give me a chance. I am getting too old and so are my prospects.


Hopefully I will get my car out of the impound yard. STupid pigs!

Posted by cmybuttjudge at 3:17 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009
Day 1 of Blog/diary.

Today is wednesday. I finished learning a new movement from 'pathetique' sonata.     I went to redlands police to begin an investigation into the violation of my civil rights by those retarded people in that scummy police force. They are so stupid. I want to educate the public on how to end the war on drugs by jury nullification and how our society will improve so much, and best of all it will put 2/3 of the police out of work!

 I will soon initiate a lawsuit against Pier Galvan and the Community college for violating the penal code, for telling people of my 290 status, and libel for characterizing me as a "sex offender" and "dangerouse" which is all such bullshit, they don't know a fucking thing about me.  Retards. I swear people have no clue what mental migits these pathetic pigs are. 

 I remember on the tonight show a man was turned down for a job as a cop becuase he was too intelligent.   Figures, intelligent people will figure out they work with crimminals and begin fucking up all there crimminal activities.

 I flipped off a sherrif today, Too bad, it was a guy I have nothing against and I have met him and he is a nice guy, but I was flpping off his car and I didnt know it was him. Oh, well, he may be another skunk just like the rest of them for all I know, I considred appologizing but I will just put it out of my mind. You cant be a sherriff that long and be a good person.

Amber is really starting to annoy me in class. She chews gum, and hums and it is really annoying.  I wish she would just stop coming to class, I can't stand her anymore. Strange, after five years of friendship, and 3 years of loving her more than my own life it has come to this.

 I am glad we did not have kids, humans are such scum anyways who wants to make another one? I would feel I wasted my whole life if my kid grew up to be a stupid cop.   

This is a true statement. WHite cops are the worste.  Sherriffs too, if jail you are lucky if you get a black sherriff deputy to oversee you.  They are more likely to be reasonable. The white sherriffs are mean and nasty and it is consistant with the fact that most serial killers are white.   Serial killers seek domination over their victims, just like sherriff deputies.

 Fuck the white race, it is a never ending series of disappointments to be white. Our race is weak and pathetic, we are losers, and stupid, a race of mentallly ill freaks. 


Posted by cmybuttjudge at 11:27 PM EDT
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